For the optimal experience, there are a few important considerations businesses must keep in mind when using Felix SoftPOS to accept contactless payments from their customers on their own phones. We gathered our top tips to help guide you through the process of selecting the right device.

The “must-have” requirements

There are a few more obvious ‘must-have’ device requirements for Felix SoftPOS which should be noted at the outset.

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology

Tap to Phone payments rely on the internal NFC reader to read and process the customer’s card or mobile wallet. Almost all smartphones on the market today have NFC capability in-built into the device. You can turn it on in your phone’s settings if it is not turned on by default.

Internet connection (Wi-Fi or LTE)

Felix SoftPOS requires an internet connection (offline payments not supported). The application works on both mobile data (LTE) and over a Wi-Fi connection. Switching between both or using either one is fine.

The latest Android OS and Security

To ensure maximum security, the application requires that users are running the latest version of Android OS and security patch.

  • Must be Android OS 10 or above.
  • Security patch must be less than 12 months old.

*This is subject to change to remain up to date with the latest security frameworks.

Note: please make sure your phone has ‘Developer mode’ disabled before using Felix SoftPOS

Please go to your Android system settings and check for updates >>


If you wish to connect a receipt printer, then you will need Bluetooth.

Optimizing the experience

While the application will run on most newer Android devices, the rule of thumb is that higher-specification smartphones tend to run better than low-end phones.

Felix have successfully run the application on a range of devices. From our experience, we recommend Samsung and Pixel devices. Later model Samsung Galaxy Series and higher specification A Series Devices performed well. Later model Pixel devices, from Series 5 and up. Without getting too technical, there are a few things to look out for.

Higher RAM

Generally, RAM should be above 2 as a minimum, and above 4 for an optimal experience. Most phones today will fall in this range.

Quality CPU

Most modern mobile devices come equipped with a strong enough CPU to handle various loads. Ranging from dual-core (two cores), quad-core (four cores), to octa-core (eight cores) being the most powerful. The dual-core processors and above should be enough for an optimal experience.

NFC positioning

NFC locations can vary per device. While by no means a deal breaker, some users have the NFC located at the top of the device for ease of presenting the card. You can refer to our Resources page – Finding out where to tap to see the NFC locations of major providers.

What about tablets?

Tablets with NFC can be used. We can recommend the Samsung Active Tab 3. You will need to select the models which offer mobile LTE data if you wish to use these devices outside of the Wi-Fi network.

Google maintains a list of Enterprise Devices which can be used as a guide.

Get in touch

If unsure, always ask us first to keep up to date with the latest guidance. We can also provide you with Demo credentials to the software if you wish to test out how well a particular device runs with the Felix SoftPOS application.

For any other questions, please get in touch.