1: Introduction
2: Felix.Terminal
3: Transactions
4: Print
5: Software issues or advice


Contactless payment is a means of connecting two electronic devices to conduct a financial transaction. Tap & Go would be an example of a contactless payment.
You can contact us via:
  • email at support@payfelix.com;
  • logging a support ticket via a web form on the website.
Our support team is available during regular business hours (9 AM – 5 PM (PST), Mon – Fri). If you need to contact us outside of business hours, please submit a support ticket or email us and we will get back to you within the next business day.  
Error pop-ups may occur if there is an issue communicating with the server. If you see errors consistently, please raise a support ticket, and advise us as to the error code(s) you are getting.
To see if your payment went through, go to the Search screen -> Recent transactions. If the payment did go through, the transaction will appear in the list.
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Felix.Terminal is a payment acceptance application certified by Visa, Mastercard and American Express that transforms smartphones with NFC modules into payment terminals. The company that created this application is a Vancouver-based software company called Felix Payment Systems.
Felix.Terminal provides full payment terminal functionality, including tips and receipts. Felix.Terminal is able to:
  • Take EMV payments using Visa, Mastercard, and American Express; 
  • Take keyed payments by Visa, Mastercard, and American Express; 
  • Process refunds & voids; 
  • Generate and send receipts via SMS, and printing;
  • Run a search query and list past transactions; 
  • Turn tips on or off; 
  • Connect a Bluetooth receipt printer 
Currently, Felix supports multiple payment processors. Please contact us to find out more.
Felix.Terminal runs on Android devices with the following specifications:  
  • Android OS 9.0 and above  
  • Enabled Wi-Fi or mobile data  
  • NFC capabilities for contactless payments   
  • Bluetooth connectivity for receipt printing  
  • Enabled screen lock feature
If you are not sure whether your device is compatible with Felix.Terminal, please contact us at support@payfelix.com 
Businesses need to have a merchant processing account set up with an approved processor before they can access and use Felix.Terminal. Please reach out to support@payfelix.com for assistance with merchant onboarding.
No. Currently, Felix.Terminal is only available for NFC-enabled Android devices.
As long as it meets the above requirements and you have registered a merchant processing account with us, you are free to use your own Android smartphone.
The registration credentials which are the Device code and the Verification code can only be entered into the app once on one device (it is not a sign-in).
No, it isn't possible. If you want to change your device, you will be given new credentials for the new device. The same process applies for every added device.
Please send an email to support@payfelix.com to add new devices to your account. Felix will generate an email invitation with all details required for new users to get started with the application and accept payments.
The NFC region on mobile devices varies from device to device. You can find the NFC region locations for various Android phones here.
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The following payment types are supported in Felix.Terminal:
  • Tap & Go EMV payments using Visa, Mastercard, and American Express; 
  • Keyed payments using Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. 
If your customer’s card does not support contactless transactions, they can use a keyed payment method.
Yes, they can. Felix.Terminal accepts Google Pay and Apple Pay.
No. Currently, we are accepting only Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards. However, we are looking forward to adding Interac payment capabilities and others in the near future.
Felix.Terminal is Level 1 PCI DSS service provider, which is considered a global gold standard in the protection of sensitive customer information.
Yes, Felix has EMV L2 certifications with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express and is EMV L3 certified with multiple acquirers across North America.
Felix.Terminal is EMV compliant and complies with all necessary security protocols and has the same security as a traditional payment terminal.
You can send the receipts via SMS, or print them out using a Bluetooth printer.
A refund means that the customer's funds have been transferred from their account to the merchant's account and the merchant would have to transfer the funds back to the customer. Refunds are issued when the transaction is settled, and the customer paid for the goods/service. Void transactions are different from a refund as the customer's funds don't actually get transferred to the merchant. The transactions can be voided as long as they haven't settled in the merchant's account.
Yes, you can. There are set options along with the custom input where you or your customer(s) can choose how much they are willing to tip.
The admin code will be sent to you via your welcome email.
If you require access to your transaction reports, please contact Felix support.
You can search the transaction records using Recent transaction function. Alternatively, you can use other available filters (date, amount, this device only etc.) The FPS reference is displayed in the receipt information of the transaction record.
You can find it in the Felix.Terminal application on the More screen -> Terminal Configuration.
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Yes, you can print receipts.
Printers can be connected to the app at any moment via pairing of the device with the printer. After pairing the printer with your device, you will be able to hit the “More” button to manage your connected devices. (see section 8.1 of the How to guide - Connecting a printer)
We recommend using Seiko MP line of Bluetooth and mobile printers as we have thoroughly tested this device. If you wish to purchase one of these printers or order more paper, they can be purchased here. In case you run into any issues with a Bluetooth printer, let us know via the support site.
To complement Felix.Terminal, we can offer a compact wireless mini-printer by SEIKO INSTRUMENTS INC., which can be purchased from the official POS Portal.
The refunding process is simple. Search previous transactions and select Refund from the expanded transaction view.
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Software issues or advice

You can log a support ticket on our support site HERE, contact us via online chat, or via email at support@payfelix.com
A form is available on our support site, where you can share your thoughts and provide suggestions. You can access it HERE.
Please visit our Resources page to find the NFC locations of most Android phones.
Read errors can occur for different reasons.
  1. Make sure you are tapping in the correct place in the right way. Place your card on the back of the phone and hold it there until you hear a beep sound. Then, remove your card. If you are unsure whether you are tapping the right way or need more help, please refer to our How-to guide.
  2. The card might not be supported. Please check the list of supported cards / wallets in the "Transactions" section.
  3. The card is not a contactless card.
  4. Make sure you are using an approved device.
If that doesn't help...
  • Try one more time with the above hints.
  • If the problem persists, you can use the keyed payment.
  • If you have tried everything and it still doesn't work, you can report a ticket for us detailing your problem.
Please contact us at support@payfelix.com if you get blocked out of the device.
Processing a transaction is very simple, you only need to enter the sale amount using the keypad on the Sale screen and select Confirm amount to begin the payment process. For more information please visit this page.
If your credentials are not working, please check your welcome email, and ensure you are entering the correct credentials with no additional spaces. If the issue persists, please contact us at support@payfelix.com
Our security system checks the integrity of the device and the application to protect against the risk of vulnerabilities. If a threat is detected, you may receive a warning or otherwise be prevented from using the application. If you’re locked out please go on to the support form and log an incident.
Please go on to the support form and log an incident. Please include your device ID and a description of your issue when you submit the ticket. The device ID can be found in your welcome email. Our support team will review the issue and get back to you as soon as possible.
Please go on to the support form and log an incident. Please include your device code and a description of your issue when you submit the ticket. The device code can be found in your welcome email. Our support team will review the issue and get back to you as soon as possible.
This means that the application is not connected to a printer. Ensure that a printer is connected to the device first. To find out more about connecting to printers, please visit our user guide, section 8.1
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