Cal-ITP | How to use Felix.Terminal

Welcome to the how-to guide for Felix.Terminal. Here you can find a step-by-step guide on how to use the Felix.Terminal application.

If you are looking to get a digital version of our How-to guide, please use this link to get a PDF version. 

  1. How to Tap
  2. Before you start
  3. Application menu
  4. Taking a payment
  5. Search
  6. Processing a refund or void
  7. More options
      1. Keyed payments

1 | How to tap your card

If your customers are having trouble tapping their cards when completing a transaction, watch the video for instructions on how to tap using the Samsung Galaxy A12.

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2 | Before you start

Device requirements

Felix.Terminal runs on Android devices with the following specifications:

  • Android OS 9.0 and above
  • Strong internet connection (via Wi-Fi or mobile data)
  • NFC capabilities for contactless payments
  • Device must be sufficiently charged
  • Mobile screen lock feature must be turned on
Optional: Bluetooth connectivity for receipt printing.

Tip: Due to security reasons, copy/paste, and screen capture features are disabled.

Get to know your NFC

It’s important to know where your device’s NFC region is, so when it’s time to take a payment you know exactly where the customer needs to place their card. Samsung Galaxy A12 has its NFC region positioned in the camera field and covers the whole width of the area as shown on the image below. Despite the camera being located in the NFC region, the customers can place their contactless card or mobile wallet / wearable over the camera but making sure the payment device falls witin the area indicated on the image below. samsung-galaxy-a12-nfc-region

NFC locations vary from device to device. For instructions on the Samsung Galaxy A12 NFC location, please reference Section 1 - How to tap your card video.

Transaction types

The following payment types are supported in Felix.Terminal:

    1. Sale: Contactless EMV payments can be accepted for customers paying with Visa, and Mastercard
    2. Keyed payment: Supports Visa, and Mastercard
    3. Refund: Search previous transactions to process a refund or void a payment
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3 | Application menu

Once you have set up the application, navigation is simple. The functionality of the application is separated into three tabs:

Sale screen

The default screen which is used to choose the transaction amount from predefined options and initiate a contactless payment.

Search screen

Allows users to search previous transactions, with options to generate refunds or void transactions from the displayed transaction records.

More screen

Allows users to access the application settings, including connecting a Bluetooth printer, initiating a keyed payment and accessing the app information.

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4 | Taking a payment

Select payment amount

Choose the payment amount from one of the predefined options and

  1. Your customer then taps their contactless card to the back of your phone.

Tip: If the customer does not have a contactless payment method, you will need to key in the card details to process a payment. This can be accessed by selecting More in the application menu (see section 7 to view these instructions).

Present card

To process a payment:

  1. Place card on the back of the phone
  2. The phone will vibrate when the read starts
  3. Hold the card flat and still until you hear the beep (Read complete)
  4. Remove the card after the beep

Tip #2: Please ensure you have the volume turned on to at least a medium level to hear the beep.

Tip #3: Be aware that the transaction time on receipts and records is the time set on your terminal phone.

Generate a receipt

Once the transaction is complete, you have the option to generate a receipt via SMS.

  1. To send SMS receipts, select the SMS icon on the Approved screen
  2. Enter the customers' mobile number
  3. Select Send
  4. Select Next transaction when you’re ready to take another payment
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Run a search query

Users can search past transactions by selecting the search icon in the navigation bar.

The following search filters can be used to populate results:

  1. FPS reference number: Enter all or part of a transaction reference number to populate results. Any partially complete transaction number that is submitted will populate any records that ‘contain’ the numbers entered
  2. Date range: Select a start and end date to populate any payments made from a selected date range
  3. Amount: Enter the exact amount of the payment to search based on the value of a transaction
  4. Toggle From this device only  to show transaction results for transactions that were generated on the device you are using
  5. Selecting Search will return a list of transactions from the search filters. If no filters are used, a list of recent transactions will be displayed
  6. Selecting Recent transactions will populate the most recent transactions in the search results.

A combination of multiple filters can be used to generate results.

Search results

Transaction results are based on the search criteria. They are displayed in a list with the most recent ones being at the top. The search function will display a maximum of 10 results for any given search.

  1. Click the More button at the bottom of the list to populate additional records (up to 10 entries)

Expand search results

Clicking the search result record will expand the transaction details and display additional information for the transaction, along with an option to refund.

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6 | Processing a refund or void

The steps for processing a refund are as follows.

Select refund

The steps for processing a refund are as follows.

  1. Select Refund after searching for a transaction record

(See Section 5: Search to find out how to navigate around the Search tab).

Tip: If the original transaction has not yet settled and you wish to void the payment, then selecting Refund will simply void the payment before any funds are processed

Tip #2: A "void" payment simply means the refund has been processed within the next 24 hours after the transaction.


As a security measure, an Admin code will be required to perform a refund. If you don’t know your Admin code, please contact us at

  1. Enter the Admin code
  2. Enter the Card number
  3. Enter the Expiry
  4. Enter CVV

Tip: The card number entered should be the same as the number on the original card used.

Tip #2: Refunds will be processed in full. Partial refund is not currently available.

Refund complete

If the transaction was refunded, you will be presented with the Transaction refunded screen.
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7 | More options

Select the More button to access additional functionality.

In this section you can:

  1. Connect a Bluetooth receipt printer
  2. Initiate a keyed payment
  3. See and update your terminal configuration
  4. Visit the support site
  5. Exit the application
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7.1 | Keyed payments

Keyed payments

If your customer does not have a supported contactless payment method, card data can be manually entered.
  1. Select the More button on the navigation bar
  2. Select Take keyed transaction
  3. Select amount

Now you are ready to take a payment.

You will now be in the Keyed entry screen.

  1. Card number
  2. Card expiry
  3. CVV into the device
  4. Select Submit to process the payment

The transaction is now complete.

A receipt can be generated via SMS. 

Select Next transaction to return to the Sale screen. Return to the More tab to initiate another keyed payment.
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